Valle Bedretto

“The green, the nature, a strong alpine identity”

The Bedretto Valley runs from the Nufenen (2, 478 m) to Airolo. Its beautiful alpine landscape offers many hiking trails in summer and in winter many opportunities to choose between downhill skiing, tour skiing, cross-country skiing, or walking with snowshoes.

From the Gotthard massif to the Nufenen emerges imposing mountains such as Pizzo Pesciora
(3, 120 m), Pizzo Rotondo (3, 192 m), Pizzo Lucendro (2, 963 m) and the Chüebodenhorn (3, 070 m).

In the Bedretto valley, there are the villages of Ossasco, Villa, Bedretto, Ronco and All'Acqua. Visiting them you can still find the farming culture that marked the years of simplicity and harmony with the surrounding nature. On the Nufenen Pass that provides the connection to the Valais during the summer, is the source of the Ticino River.


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The trail map (PDF)

The road of the Alps (PDF) 

Between Airolo-Pesciüm and Ronco, at a constant level of 1700/1800 m.s.m, it runs the "Road of the Alps" of the Bedretto Valley, particularly beautiful for its wild nature, rich colors and peacefulness. The way up to Ronco involves about 4 hours of walking (from Airolo 5 hours), while the return to Airolo is about 2 h 45) and can all be reached by following the lower path. It is possible to return by post bus.