About us

“Young and committed”

Michela and Alessandro Manfrè,
they first met in 2005 in All'Acqua: he arrived as a cook in the restaurant that she ran with her family since 1994. The turning point was in 2007 ... step by step they sought new satisfaction by creating new dishes full of inspiration, creativity, passion, kindness and smiles. In 2009 they married ... continued with perseverance in the management of the restaurant All'Acqua until the end of September 2014.  January 15, 2013 with the birth of their first son Riccardo, their roles changed ...  Since March 2015 they took on a new challenge: to give light and sparkle to the Locanda Orelli. A table is waiting for you to make you smile again.

Our goal is your smile

Michi e Ale