"The wood, the fireplace and the warmth of the mountains"

In der Wirtsstube im Erdgeschoss verläuft eine Bank den Wänden entlang und umrahmt den neuen Ofen. Der Boden sowie die grossen Balken aus Lärchenholz stammen aus früherer Zeit und verleihen der Stube eine warme gemütliche Atmosphäre, wie sie zu den Bergen passt. Die Aufschnittmaschine Berkel sowie die Vitrine mit einheimischen Wurstwaren und Käse nehmen einen prominenten Platz ein. Die Wirtsstube bietet Platz für circa 30 Personen.

The "grotto" room located on the lower level is ideal for small conferences or seminars. By making a reservation you can enjoy our specialty called: the braserata. There are about twenty seating places available.

There is an additional  room on the first floor which is suitable for appetizers, meetings or a standing lunch for about 15 people. Access for people with disabilities is only possible in the main hall.

Out of respect for the other guests, dogs are not allowed in the fine dining restaurant.

Wine cellar 

“The wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark of love”, De Amicis

A wide and well-selected choice of wines awaits you in our cellar. Special attention is given to choose the wines of the region. The wine choice is also extended to other countries such as Italy and France, highlighting areas of origin between the 40th and the 50th parallel, land of great wines.

There is the possibility to organize small aperitifs directly in the wine cellar with a selection of local cheeses, cured meats and salami’s from our delicatessen.





“The traditional cuisine with a Mediterranean flair”

Our dishes are based on the fusion of the local valley’s cuisine and the Italian cuisine, giving greater prominence to the assets of our territory. The menu is updated monthly based on the produce in season. The delicatessen is well stocked with dried meats, salami, a cheese trolley and the homemade desserts, all deserve particular attention.

Our specialty "the braserata" (260g of angus fillet, foal, turkey and pork – all to be freshly sliced and grilled directly on the table accompanied by homemade sauces and side dishes) is only served in the grotto, by reservation.

We are at your disposal to schedule for lunches, family dinners, or corporate events. We also carry a catering service for cocktails or light refreshments. Orders can be made for cakes, homemade ice cream, and (spampezie, a sweet made of nuts and spices).


Current Menu


“Carte Blanche” Menu - Spontaneous creations from the Chef
3 dishes


Tasting Menu 5 dishes
2 people minimum
p.p. 7

A Welcome from the Kitchen
Seitan and Seasonal Crudités
Tamarind and Acacia Honey Vinaigrette, Toasted Sesame
Risotto Bathed with Riesling "Eins zwei dry" Weingut Leitz
Creamed Ratatouille
Loin of Lamb Stuffed with Apricots
Hazelnuts, Pistachios and Coriander, Potato Gratin
Tasting of Cheese, Bread with Figs and Dried Fruits, Chestnut Honey
Amaretti “Sbrisolona” Crunchy Cake
Navy Island Rum, Double Cream Ice Cream and Peaches



“La braserata” served only in the grotto
8 people minimum 
p.p. 42.-


Local Mixed Sliced Meats with Armagnac-flavoured Praline of Veal Pâté

starter 15.- main course 22.- 

Octopus, Potatoes, Parsley, Date Tomatoes
Polenta, Rabbit, Nettles, Local Formaggella Cheese
Warm Aubergine Parmigiana, Leventina Burrata Cheese Ice Cream
(Latteria del Borgo, Faido), Crispy Focaccia

Mixed Salad


Veal Brain Nuggets  in Aromatic Bread-Crumb, Lemon and Mint Zucchini


Creamy Carrot and Lemongrass  Soup, Caribbean Curry Rice Crisps
Andalusian Gazpacho, Finely Chopped Red Shrimp, Parsley and Lemon Panelle Bread



Served with Homemade Preserve, Honey and Walnuts

3 Tastings  15.-
6 Tastings  22.-

PASTA DISHES - Homemade Pasta

Spaghettoni, Chopped Wild Fennel, Anchovies, Crispy Schüttelbrot
starter  14.-  main course  23.-

Ravioli del Plin “Donkey, Carrot, Stick”
starter  14.-  main course  21.- 

Pasta and Potatoes Raviolo
starter  14.-  main course  21.-

Fresh Pea Gnocchi, Cuttlefish-Sea Lettuce
starter  15.-  main course  24.-

Risotto Bathed with Riesling "Eins zwei dry" Weingut Leitz,
Creamed Ratatouille  (2 people minimum)
starter  p.p14.-  main course  p.p 22.-



Pork Ribs, Slow-cooked in "Specialina Gottardo" Beer
Black Garlic Country Potatoes, bbq Sauce

Orelli’s Double Cheeseburger
(200 g Angus Beef Burger, 80 g Alpe Ciossprato Cheese, Bun with Cumin,
Basil and Cucumber Ketchup, Black Garlic Country Potatoes)

Bio Leventinese Kid, Potato and Crispy Green Asparagus Gratin

Veal Fillet Dressed with Flat Pancetta, Potato and Crispy Green Asparagus Gratin
(2 people minimum)
p.p. 46.-

“Fish & Chips” - Skrei Cod Fried Bites, Potato Chips, Avocado and Lime Mayonnaise

Beef steak tartare with toast and butter


Amaretti “Sbrisolona” Crunchy Cake, Navy Island Rum, Double Cream Ice Cream and Peaches
Pears in Syrup with Saffron, Goat Robiola Cheese Ice Cream
(Farm "La Parpaiora", Osco), Hazelnuts and Pine Honey Crunchy Sweet 
Mascarpone Cream (Latteria del Borgo, Faido)
Burnt Muscovado Sugar and Coffee Biscuit, Chocolate Sand
Nocino Zabaione, Homemade Short Pastry (2 people minimum)
Coffee Mess (Coffee Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Meringues and Crunchy Short Pastry)
Homemade Ice Creams and Sorbets (Liquor available, extra charge)


Please ask a member of staff for details of any ingredients which may cause allergic or other adverse reactions.

Unless otherwise stated, meat and meat products are of Swiss origin/production
Octopus/Anchovies/Cuttlefish/Rabbit: I, cod: N, lamb: IRL
Prices in CHF – VAT included